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I realize this is the space where I should convey all my expertise and sundry accomplishments, but that wouldn't be me. Instead, I'd like to tell you who I am and what I'm passionate about - because at the end of the day, that's what inspires my work.

I am a creator. For the last decade, I've rigorously studied consciousness. This inquiry is woven throughout my work. It's the energy that helps me collaborate with clients and translate their needs and desires into something they find joy in. Digital is my primary medium, but you'll also find me working with film, audio, fashion, and paint on canvas.

I crave experience and inspiration - not in a bungie jumping kind of way, more like wanderlust. While I love the occasional vacation at the beach, I'd much rather be perusing the halls of Versailles or roaming the streets of Barcelona. You'll also find me sitting beside a creek listening to Life.

Fun Fact: when I was young I studied classical voice. 

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